Monday, 17 May 2021

Can you see through people’s clothes with an infrared camera? 

If people were given a choice to pick one minor superpower, I am sure many would go for X-ray or night vision. Well, the bad news is that these cool features do not allow you to see through someone’s clothes, or anything like that. In fact, you are better off using technology as an extension of your powers, as a means of satisfying your inquisitive nature or well, inner pervert. Namely, the killer gadget you need is an infra-red (IR) camera or goggles.

Peeping Toms

The phenomenon of infra- red cameras was off to a controversial start when Sony released a camcorder with night vision, which is sensitive to IR. Not surprisingly, some users got an idea to try out the gadget for see-through purposes. Basically, they used night vision functionality during the day, but with a special filter applied. Upon realizing the implications, Sony recalled the camera and disabled the IR mode. Unfortunately for the corporate giant, tech-savvy generations responded by modifying the camera and getting the IR capacity back.

see through clothes

Before you order an IR device yourself, note that the viewing conditions need to be perfect. The camera must be used in a well-lit area, preferably in daylight, the fabric should be thin, and the temperature differential sufficient. And I am afraid that layers like blouses, slips, bras are bad news, as they obfuscate the sight. So, yes, in some situations infra-red goggles or cameras can give you the ability to take a peek beneath peoples’ clothes. This works through the detection of the IR, heat part of the spectrum, which is different from typical night vision.

What a perfect day

Imagine a bright day at the beach, where people walk around in wet swimsuits. The lighting is favorable, and the wet, thin fabric is cooler than the bodies, implying you have two basic conditions for a successful observation experiment. The only problem would be how to avoid looking like a total creep I guess. It seems that some people do not have a problem with that, and have even posted numerous pictures online. Imagine the surprise of the women, who, although clothed, look almost completely naked in the images.

Now, do not get your expectations up concerning the quality of the view. It is fairly low-res, with clothes pretty much invisible, and the shape of the body perfectly discernable. Opaque fabrics that do not transmit visible light are appropriate targets for your infrared gadget, providing better quality. Still, juicy details like coloring and texture of the skin are out of reach, at least until technology advances further. Also, remember that although privacy advocates were caught off guard, now they have regained a footing and seek to squash privacy violations.

Red in the face

With mixed emotions, we present you the answer to the big question: under the right conditions, you can reveal what is beneath the surface, just do not expect the spectacle to be crystal clear. It is small wonder that infrared cameras have become weapons of choice for voyeurs, albeit manufacturers have changed the way they function, depriving the users of peer-through options. The truth is that the tide cannot be turned now, however, with a wide array of modified cameras available online for those who are….interested.


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